shawn & sophia | a daddy daughter surprise…

so.  i’ve been waiting to post these images for almost a month.  dear shawnie ever so secretly contacted me and said he wanted to do some photos of him and his little girl as both a “thank you” and a surprise for cassandra.  he wanted to give them to her on fathers day.  i thought that was a) rad.  b) fantastic. c) extremely thoughtful and d) incredibly difficult to keep quiet.  (for those of you that know me well, you know that keeping secrets is not my strong point.)

anyhow, shockingly enough, i was able to keep my lips zipped even though i almost slipped with the “oh-my-gosh-i-have-the-cutest-photos-of-the-loves-of-your-life-that-you-are-going-to-melt-over-when-you-see,” many times.  let it be known, shawn was a champ and not only sneakily brought over super cute outfit options, but also had sophia’s “hair stuff” ready for coordination.  what a gem.

annnnnnd  here they are…

…to see more images from this shoot, please click HERE.

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