saying goodbye.

we said goodbye to my dear grandmother earlier this year.  i suppose funerals could be looked at as kind of an “odd” occasion to take photos, because they are such soft, sensitive moments full of thoughtful tears and feelings.  that said, i have never regretted bringing my camera as we’ve bid earthly goodbyes to dear ones we’ve lost.

it was difficult to attend and difficult to go through the photos after we got home, but it was so fulfilling to finish them and have them to share with family and as we reflected on the service and her life.

a photo gift

shari contacted me after photographing her family and said she had a friend she wanted to purchase family pictures for…and I was thrilled!  we all know how i love family pictures.  it’s just that i think they are SO, SO, SO important.  like irreplaceably important.  i couldn’t think of a sweeter gift, and they were such a fun, easy going family.  and they were good looking, on top of that, too!

welcoming baby hank

i LOVE photographing families at home.  especially after the addition of a new baby.  there is something so tender and precious about those first days and weeks as a growing family.  baby hank was as sweet as could be and lyla was both adorable and bursting with personality, as usual…that tillman family:  could they be any easier on the eyes?

thank you, tillmans!  what a joy your family was to photograph.

sneak peak: becca & tim | the ranch at little hills, san ramon, CA

eeeeeeeee!  i’m so excited to share these images of becca & tim.  my goodness….what a good looking couple!  


their wedding was at the beautiful ranch at little hills in san ramon, CA and was full to the brim of heartfelt moments and beautiful details…just how weddings should be!  check back soon for the full post from their big day.  i can’t wait to share more!

Buddy - August 20, 2016 - 12:40 am

It can take quite some time to feel at peace without our parents acceptance of what we do (I nearly said approval but th7a&#821t;s not what I mean). It can be so hard, no matter how much we think we don’t care, to live our lives our way regardless of what they think. You seem to be pretty much there. It’s a much more peaceful place to be. Stay with it x

amy, craig & “the peanut”

you might remember this couple from the maternity shoot i did here.  amy & i work together and have had fun comparing notes during our pregnancies, and now swapping stories about our new adventures in mommyhood. well, craig & amy’s precious addition has arrived,  and she couldn’t be cuter.   it was so sweet to hear my dear friend refer to this darling baby as “peanut” or “the peanut” while our bellies were growing, and then to hear her quietly use that name as she was trying to soothe her on this cold december morning.

i love that middle shot…what a perfect family of 3!

and i normally wouldn’t blog pics of a crying baby…but man alive….THAT FACE!  even when she’s crying she’s absolutely adorable.

thank you for having me record these special stages for your family!
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