so, these photos have been in the works for awhile.  they getting gathering people from a few hours away to gathering kyra and her sweet family from the east coast.  thank goodness for weddings and disneyland (and an awesome backyard awning) for making these photos possible.

again, with the grand daughters.  not sad about it.  and cooper, dear, not only do i love your grandma smooching you, but good heavens….THOSE EYES!!

3 generations and mom & daughter.  may i put in a plug here:  whatever you need to do to schedule, book and coordinate photos like these…just do it.  you will NEVER regret it.  amiright?

4 generations and those darn cute mckees!

i would like to point out there are more than NINE decades in between the ages of the oldest and youngest in this photo.  NINE.  did you hear me?  NINE.  i feel like that alone is post-worthy.

the lammis at home


love these lammis, and their new little addition.

britt, you are beautiful.

i love photos where everyone is all snuggled on the bed.  have you gathered that yet?

the proud papa.  i love it.


ok, so NOT posting this wasn’t really an option.  that face is just so squishable!!

the holms at home.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…i love family shoots at home.  especially when new babies are involved.  there are just something about ’em…i’m not a newborn photographer and don’t attest to be.  but something about capturing a family interacting in their own space is magical.

these two pictures, i just had to include them side by side.   if this were a piece hanging in a gallery, i’d title it:  “the difference between girls and boys,” and call it a day.

and the babe even looks like she is smiling!

canvas.  in the nursery.  stat!

that widdle face!!

nothing sweeter than a mama snuggling her babe.  le sigh.




i get it.  you see these faces often on my site.  and i’m not sorry about it.  they are good looking faces and a testament to the fact that every mom should have pictures like this with her baby.  i know i would treasure them FOR-EV-ER.

the groches.


i love this family.  and i loved being able to capture this special time as a young family of three.  i also loved how sheila got out of the car and the first thing she said was, “HIS SHIRT!  i lost his shirt!”  we had chatted about what they would wear and she had picked a darling, coordinated ensemble for each of them to wear.  and then, she forgot the baby’s shirt.  now, i like a good, coordinated ensemble more than most people, but i assured her that his missing shirt wouldn’t matter.  and it didn’t.  that kid is adorable.  and so are his good parents.    

geez, you two, you sure make cute babies.  can’t wait for the next one to get here!


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