life on location: cabrillo point lighthouse in mendocino, CA

so.  this weekend we decided to spend most of our saturday in the car.  well, not exactly.  we decided to drive to mendocino for the day, which in turn, led to us being in the car for A LOT of hours.  but that was ok.  we like car rides.  we took photos, saw a lighthouse, saw the “murder, she wrote” house (his point of interest, not mine) and i found the most DARLING antique kitchen gadgetry shop.  it was a lovely, beautiful, quiet, fun, sunny day.  the pictures below are ours.  two are from me, two are from him.  i’ll let you guess who took which ones…     

i guess thats one of the fun things about being married…you get to see how other people see the world.  and i think that changes you.  anyhow,  truth be told, i was kind of grouchy by the end of the day.  i think it was all the wind, and maybe all the hours sitting in the car.  getting grouchy sure sours things, doesn’t it?  sigh.  anyway, looking at all the pictures today reminded me how lucky i was to be able to spend an entire day exploring with my favorite friend.  thats the good thing about pictures, i guess.  they remind us of the good things, and sometimes, what’s really important.

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Tami - April 17, 2011 - 8:28 pm

Hm, I would guess that you took the first and the third and George took the second and last??

jackie - April 19, 2011 - 10:18 am

nope, guess again. =)

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