the photographer.

i suppose there are a few things you should know about me.
who i am
my full first name is jacqueline, but i have never gone by that, answering to “jackie” is just fine by me.  i have 4 “little” sisters, two loving parents and a husband who makes me laugh every single day.  i have a handful of dear friends that each make my life a little sweeter.  sometimes, i am a compulsive outfit changer.  i’m afraid of heights, the dark & large bodies of water.  i do not love anything shady or mean, bad smells, headaches, pants that are too short, mosquito bites, most bugs, being cold, old food or awkward moments. other than that, theres hardly anything that ruffles my feathers.  i prefer people to things, and in my spare time i prefer to be doing almost anything with people i love.  for me, the company is WAY more important than the agenda.
what i love
laughing.  sweets.  optimism.  teaching.  girly movies.  board games.  elastic waistbands.  emails.  ruffles.  snuggling.  blogging.  cute socks.  fondue.  holiday decor.  the city.  blue skies.  crafts.  my high schoolers.  aprons.  smoothies.  bright colors.  flip flops.  dessert.  post-its.  modesty.  dog the bounty hunter.  lowercase letters.  weddings.  holidays.  sports.  cookbooks.  beautiful places.  my church.  sleeping in.  bowling.  teasing.  nutella.  jammies.  pearls.  smiling.  patterns.  coupons.  hydrangeas.  sunday drives.  sweater vests.  painted toenails.  EFY.  fruit. smugmug.  good examples.  mr. feeny.  basketball.  school.  sourdough bread.  pretty things.  reeses.  surprises.
what i do
during the last chapter of my life i have been lucky enough to be employed as a high school teacher.  one of its sweetest rewards, and one of the things i love most about teaching is being able to share something with others that they may not have seen before.  photography has helped me translate that love into the physical form of a photograph.  my newest endeavor is to provide others with photographs that serve as a reminder that their lives are beautiful just as they are, and that even the little moments, are most definitely, worth remembering.