fun with photos: snapshot wrapping

i am not a fancy wrapper.  (nor rapper, for that matter.)  in my dream life i have an elaborate craft room with a beautifully stocked wrapping station complete with all sorts of coordinating ribbons, bows, papers, tissues and colorful confetti.  then i open my eyes,  and get blasted back into reality when i remember that most of my gift wrapping takes place in the front seat of my car parked in front of the future gift owner’s home.  and it also usually involves gift bags and tissue paper that was bought within the hour, because having tape, ribbon, scissors and a sweet looking gift tag in my mary-poppins-carpet-bag-of-a-purse would require MUCH too much forethought.


which, oddly enough, is probably why this idea seems so  doable to me.  all i have to do is remember to follow the instructions  listed HERE , when im feeling particularly inspired, crafty and/or full of forethought, and then wait impatiently for a gift giving opportunity.  i assume this clever wrapping can be stored flat, folded, rolled  or possibly even lightly crumpled up in my back seat.  because worn, weathered, used and “vintage” is the new awesome anyhow, right?  all photopaper wrapped packages can be tied up with string, but THAT julie andrews reference will get a post all its own.

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