fun with photos: a post dated roll of film

this one is pretty self explanatory.  but it can be applied in so. many. different. ways.  i know we are NOT close to valentines day.  but i couldn’t wait that long to post this idea.  it was too good!  just think…how fun would it be to photograph a handful of all the little reasons why you love your sweetie?  or to take photos of a bunch of different letters and make your loved one unscramble their valentines day message?  or use the taken photos as clues on a scavenger hunt to wind up for a nice little picnic in the park?  sigh.

image via HERE.

digital cameras are fab, no doubt.  but there is something both exciting and charming about a roll of film, and the fact you have to WAIT for it.  so go ahead and try it out…and let me know what develops.  (ha.  i know that was dorky.  but i just couldn’t resist.)

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