fun with photos: growing baby…in a basket?

ok. so, remember THIS POST?  don’t get me wrong, i still LOVE the fabric backdrop, with the follow-up quilting project.  but, there is something that is lacking when you just have the baby in a onesie on a backdrop.  you completely lose any sense of scale.  you can see the changes in the baby’s physical features and body development, but it’s incredibly hard to get a sense for just how much the little darling has actually grown.  which is why i present THIS fun with photos project:

image via here.


by photographing the baby in the basket you are giving the viewer (yourself at a later date or someone else) a way to compare the growth WITH a sense of scale.  in the first one, you see this teeny, tiny little peanut of a child that looks as though he is being swallowed up by the basket, whereas in the 12 month shot, he has completely overgrown it, and is now hanging off the edges.  i still love the clara quilt project, but some have suggested adding a consistent object to give a sense of scale.  what would you photograph your baby with to give a sense of scale?

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