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fun with photos.  (yes, another series with an another alliterative title that is both fun and useful.)

i love photos. (duh.) but, i’m also sucker for almost any photo related project.  so for my “fun with photos” series, i’ll post info, photos and source links for fun photos projects i’ve found on the blessed internet.

installment #1…we have the “clara’s weekly photos.”  (if you haven’t tuned into yet, please do so quickly, so you won’t miss out on anymore of their DIY awesomeness.  a dear friend directed me to their site a few weeks ago, and i’ve been hooked on the DIY goodness they’ve offered up every day since.)

basically, they took photos of their little girl every week on a different fabric.  she wore only a white onesie, and they photoshopped in the week count right onto her cute little belly.  they took the photos in the same spot every week, under the same lighting conditions.  the only changes that were made were the fabric backdrop, and the ever-changing and growing little girl.  what an excellent, fun and somewhat simple way to document her first year of life.  think of the album they could make!  or all of the crafting and quilting that is to be had with all those fun fabrics!

click HERE for both the source of this photo and a complete detailed DIY “weekly photos” tutorial from the lovelies over at .

(have you done something awesome with photos?  fabulous!  take some photos and forward them on to me at to share all that “fun with photos” goodness.)

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Kayla - May 21, 2011 - 7:18 pm

What a cute idea! I love the bright fabrics too. That’s a fun way to track your baby’s growth. I just might have to do this.

Stacey Lewis - May 22, 2011 - 6:51 am

I love this!! So cute, I wish I were this creative, I’ll just have to content myself with stealing other peoples ideas :)

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