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FAQ: i want to have some photos taken.  how long does everything take?

answer: so…you’ve come to the realization that you want to have some photos taken….sweet!  but, then you realize….you.  have.  no.  idea.  what.  comes.  next.  and you find yourself asking, “uhmmmm.  now what?”

well, let’s clear up some of that nasty old uncertainty, shall we?

when you schedule a photo session, everything should pan out something like this:

  1. the initial contact (via phone, web contact form or facebook)
  2. the consult (in person or over the phone where we work out the nitty gritty.  dates, times, locations, etc)
  3. the shoot.  (hooray!  this is best part, and usually within 3 weeks of the initial contact)
  4. the sneak peak posted on the blog (within a week of the shoot)
  5. the ordering appointment (within 3 weeks of the shoot)
  6. the full gallery posted (also within 3 weeks of the shoot)
  7. the shipping & delivery of products (within 5 weeks of shoot)

and that, my friends, is it.

so why is this great info to have?  well,  many of us get photos for a specific reason or event or purpose.  (unless, of course, you are in my immediate family, and then you have a family photo every few months.  and sisters, i make no apologies for this. )

with that said, sometimes you take photos with the sole idea of giving them away at a certain time.  (think christmas cards, mothers day/fathers day presents, graduation announcements or wedding invites) so, referencing that nice little list above, if you have a certain date you need your photos by, be sure to make your initial contact about 8 weeks before that.  make sense?

happy planning.

ps–do have a question you’d like answered?  great!  send it to jackie@thejumpsite.com and it will be included in our next FAQ entry.

image via here.

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