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i love photos on the wall.  i love them.  i can’t tell you how mad at myself i get when i spend a considerable amount of time in any space, and i don’t take time to properly fit the walls with photo or graphic awesomeness.  but, let be real.  sometimes a 25 photo gallery wall is just a WEE too intimidating to accomplish in an hour.  i get it.  we have one of those in our living room, and it was NOT a piece of cake to get it on the wall.

(please visit “what marvelous things” on etsy for more decorating with photos guides. )

anyhoo, i’ve realized the fewer pictures you choose the easier it is to a) decide what photos and b) measure, level and put holes in your wall.

please notice a few things:

notice that if someone was sitting on that couch and burst out giggling and threw her head backwards in laughter, she might hit it on the wall, but NOT ON THE FRAMES.  let it be known by all, i am awkward and have definitely knocked things over and off the wall at my friends houses and my classroom.  so, think in terms of not only “kid-proofing” your house, but awkward proofing it as well.  if you spend crazy amounts of time getting the placement, spacing and leveling just right on your framed prints or canvases, make sure its not in vain.  i know some of you love waist level to ceiling gallery wall as much as i do, but just remember:  there is a time and place for everything;  help out your awkward friends when and where you can by using good design in your picture placement.

also notice also how SMALL the 16×20 print looks up on that wall.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: anything smaller than a 8×10 does not belong on the wall.  the fewer pictures you use, the larger those pictures need to be.  truth be told, on my 20+ photo gallery arrangement in my living room i have some prints that are smaller than an 8×10, and they kind of annoy me.   they just get lost in the  sea of photos.  if you use an 8×10, put a giant mat around it.  trust me.  photos are not meant to equal fish. (i hope this analogy makes sense to people reading this.  because it makes A LOT of sense in my head.)

image via here.


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