decorating with photos: overgrown photo booth strips

doesn’t everyone get a little nostalgic when they see those little photo strips from a photo booth?  i sure do.  i think its just so rad how fun and natural those photos always turn out.  i mean, you don’t go into a photo booth thinking, “oh man, i’m totally going to blow these up larger than life and display them in my hallway.”   (well, at least you didn’t think that BEFORE.  =) )

image via here.


but really.  more than likely, you didn’t plan your outfit, you didn’t set a time, you didn’t just get your hair done or reapply lipgloss.  you were just having a great time and happened upon a photo booth, and decided to pay a couple of bucks for a paper remembrance of that fun and lovely collection of moments.  and THAT kind of wonderful is what makes them so magical.  come to think of it, that’s kind of what makes photography in general so magical.

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