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there is just something calming about a room arranged around a mantle & fireplace.  we are still in remodel/revamp mode at my house, and during the process my husband took our mantle down.   so, we have a naked fireplace.  and let me tell you…its VERY noticeable, as the mantle acts to help balance and anchor anything you hang on the wall above the fireplace. but, my naked fireplace is not the point of this post.  the non-naked fireplace below, is.  this layout was also very cleverly created by my sister tami. (make sure to check out her etsy site @

isn’t it great?  what i really love about placing photos above a fireplace is that that specific wall area is often the focal point of the room, simply because of its location.  as you can see, this arrangement works great for one large family photo in the middle, and then smaller groupings on the sides (which could be photos of individual family members, or small groupings of siblings, mom & dad or  even the family pet.  whatever floats your boat. )

because, honestly,  what faces deserve the prime wall space in the heart of your home more than those of you and your little darlings?

***picture requests!!  do you decorate with photos in YOUR home?  wanna share them?  excellent! please snap a photo of the wall or room or area of your home in which your photos are displayed, and send an email to jackie (at) the so that i can feature some  real rooms as a part of the “decorating with photos” series.

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Tawnya - May 22, 2011 - 3:00 pm

Oooh I like this… It makes everyone so clean and nice! Too bad fireplaces arent needed in Orlando!

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