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what to wear wednesday: bay area family photographer

peach and green.  i don’t know why, but it works, right?  i started with just the idea of peach, but then its like that green polo was just BEGGING its way into this weeks what to wear.  and when i found that little plaid romper?  it  was a done deal.  i mean, really, who can […]

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what to wear wednesday: expecting | bay area maternity photographer

maternity photos, like any other photos, mean you want to look and feel your best.  and anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell you its not always quite as easy to feel lovely in a changing body, so here are a few different options to help get the wheels turning: if you choose a […]

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what to wear wednesday: engagement session | bay area wedding photographer

engagement photos.  a super, awesome, fun, creative (and unfortunately, sometimes stressful) event.  often, couples want to be photographed in more than one ensemble.  no worries.  here are a few ideas for a yellow & turquoise color scheme. if you plan on switching outfits on your shoot, prepare yourself to make some quick changes.   if […]

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what to wear wednesday: lots of kids | bay area family photographer

so, before you freak out, let me explain.  this is a what-to-wear-wednesday for a large family with lots of kids that are close in age.  mom’s & dad’s outfit options (while plentiful) are not listed only because i ran out of room.  outfits doing handstands and forming pyramids on one another’s shoulders would have been […]

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what to wear wednesday: spring family session | bay area family photographer

ah yes.  spring. all things bright, happy and easter egg-y.   and of course,  all things lovely.  if you can get your man in a pink shirt….go for it.  if not, purple works really well also, and is a bit manlier.  (just a bit, though.)  you can dress this up or down, depending on the […]

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