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gracie & cody

please meet gracie.  she is a senior and is adorable.  and check out that glowing smile. cody is her boyfriend and came along for the ride and has some awesome blue eyes. and lastly, just for fun… happy senior year, you two.  live it up!

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yes, it’s true.  talia’s graduating.  but before this girl is heads off to bigger & better things in the fall, we scheduled some senior photos, and i’m SO glad we did.  geez.  doesn’t this girl make looking good seem effortless?  don’t worry.  it’s not just for photos.  talia can pull out of a ponytail, flash […]

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cute callie

dear callie, you are adorable.  that is all.    

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sneak peek: raven | bay area photographer

please meet raven.  she is adorable. the bottom half of her face is just as cute as the top half, but you’ll just have to take my word for it until next week when the rest of her photos are posted.

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beana: a mormon bachelorette hopeful | bay area photographer

i was THRILLED when beana asked me to take some photos of her for her recent mormon bachelorette application.  she was on call at SFO, being a fancy flight attendant and all, and so i picked her up at BART, we made a quick stop to freshen up, and it was on.   isn’t she […]

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