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life on location: “my house” in salzburg, austria

have you ever visited somewhere for the very first time and had it feel familiar to you?  a wonderful, homey familiarity at a completely new-to-you place?  i have.  my “home away from home” was in salzburg, austria.  this picture was taken out the window of a hilltop fort we visited while touring the city, just […]

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life on location: love locks

i was going through some photos looking for one in particular to post for this week’s “life on location.”  i found it, but i’ll post it next week.  instead, how about this one? these locks are from florence, italy, right around the corner of ponte vecchio. if you click that link and look the photo, […]

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land that i love.

happy independence day, america! image from HERE. (get this, its even a free printable!  things like this make my holiday loving heart soooo happy.)

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jump is…

i love this picture.  like, LOVE this picture.  it is not taken by me, clearly, but i love it.  (ps–thanks to chrissy for snapping this.)  remember that backpacking trip that i talked about on the “about” page of this site?  well, this photo was taken at the very beginning of it.  and really, at the […]

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stressed.  a little excited and and a lot uncomfortable.  that is how i felt leading up to my shoot with meghan.  a little background…meghan & i have been two peas in a pod ever since we met.  we’d chit chat for hours about photo equipment, shoot ideas, locations, smugmug, and big dreams about starting our photography careers.  almost seven […]

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