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saying goodbye.

we said goodbye to my dear grandmother earlier this year.  i suppose funerals could be looked at as kind of an “odd” occasion to take photos, because they are such soft, sensitive moments full of thoughtful tears and feelings.  that said, i have never regretted bringing my camera as we’ve bid earthly goodbyes to dear […]

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a little giveaway celebration….

so, as a way to say “THANK YOU” to my past clients AND to commemorate the birthday of  being “LIVE”, i’m running wall art giveaway for all my fabulous past clients.  i meant to run in april, but the whole “being super sick because i am growing a human baby” kind of put a damper on my celebratory mood. […]

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what to say about this girl….she is the youngest of all the booth girls, which means she not only had 2 parents, but also 4 older sisters watching over her and bossing her around.  much to her dismay, she’s always been the “baby” of the family.  i was 11 when she was born, so i […]

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welcome, baby michael.

baby michael made his way into this world on march 13th, and things haven’t been the same since.  i took maternity pictures of sandy here, and while i love those photos, these ones kind of melt my heart.  i’ve heard babies are a lot more fun “out” than they are “in.”  and even though sandy […]

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so, after a bit of an intermission…

image via here. well.  hello there.  remember me? yes, its been quiet around here lately.  but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been shooting, and it certainly doesn’t mean i haven’t wanted to share all these beautiful images.  it just means i’ve been a bit tied up lately.  but, now, tied up or not, i’m hoping […]

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