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fun with photos: growing baby…in a basket?

ok. so, remember THIS POST?  don’t get me wrong, i still LOVE the fabric backdrop, with the follow-up quilting project.  but, there is something that is lacking when you just have the baby in a onesie on a backdrop.  you completely lose any sense of scale.  you can see the changes in the baby’s physical […]

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fun with photos: a belly flip book

how fun is this?  both credit and thanks go to the creative, photo loving geniuses over at martha stewart.  for a more cartooney feel, be sure take the photo facing the opposite way as shown in this picture, and crop it so your belly is just a smidge above the bottom border, so that some […]

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welcoming penny rose | bay area photographer

…to see more images from the hospital, please click HERE.

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introducing…penny rose | bay area photographer

“i’m in very early labor.  she should be here today or tomorrow.”  this was the text i got from my dear friend the morning of may 20th.  her little darling, penny rose, made her grand entrance the following day, after 33 hours of labor.   more to come soon, but for now….look at these little […]

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what to wear wednesday: expecting | bay area maternity photographer

maternity photos, like any other photos, mean you want to look and feel your best.  and anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell you its not always quite as easy to feel lovely in a changing body, so here are a few different options to help get the wheels turning: if you choose a […]

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