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life on location: a beautiful beach day

so, while the past few installments of “life on location” have been a few favorites from my past european adventures (and those posts are far from over), sometimes its nice to remember that life’s loveliness is right around the corner.  here is a photo from a last minute beach trip with a friend and her […]

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life on location: “my house” in salzburg, austria

have you ever visited somewhere for the very first time and had it feel familiar to you?  a wonderful, homey familiarity at a completely new-to-you place?  i have.  my “home away from home” was in salzburg, austria.  this picture was taken out the window of a hilltop fort we visited while touring the city, just […]

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life on location: love locks

i was going through some photos looking for one in particular to post for this week’s “life on location.”  i found it, but i’ll post it next week.  instead, how about this one? these locks are from florence, italy, right around the corner of ponte vecchio. if you click that link and look the photo, […]

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life on location: cabrillo point lighthouse in mendocino, CA

so.  this weekend we decided to spend most of our saturday in the car.  well, not exactly.  we decided to drive to mendocino for the day, which in turn, led to us being in the car for A LOT of hours.  but that was ok.  we like car rides.  we took photos, saw a lighthouse, […]

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