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fun with photos: photo based coloring book pages

  i’m sorry, but how fun would this be at a birthday party? bridal shower? baby shower?  or on an even larger scale…binding a year’s worth of these home-made coloring book pages as a personal yearbook, or scrapbook or baby book?  for a full, step by step tutorial on how to create these darling coloring […]

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fun with photos: a post dated roll of film

this one is pretty self explanatory.  but it can be applied in so. many. different. ways.  i know we are NOT close to valentines day.  but i couldn’t wait that long to post this idea.  it was too good!  just think…how fun would it be to photograph a handful of all the little reasons why […]

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fun with photos: clara’s weekly photos | bay area photographer

fun with photos.  (yes, another series with an another alliterative title that is both fun and useful.) i love photos. (duh.) but, i’m also sucker for almost any photo related project.  so for my “fun with photos” series, i’ll post info, photos and source links for fun photos projects i’ve found on the blessed internet. […]

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