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holiday photo fun: photo ornaments

so.  you’ve got all sorts of lovely photos from your recent family photo shoot for christmas cards, right? right.  so, after you get your christmas cards mailed all over the globe, you realize you’ve still got some beautiful memories that need to be enjoyed by you and your own family.  over the next few days […]

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holiday goodness!

dear photo lovers, happy december!  this is a magical time of year.  we spend time with loved ones, decorate our homes and make lots of delicious treats.  lets make sure we remember to take photos to document all of that holiday goodness, okies?  here’s a checklist to help get your creative juices flowing, and to […]

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fun with photos: growing baby…in a basket?

ok. so, remember THIS POST?  don’t get me wrong, i still LOVE the fabric backdrop, with the follow-up quilting project.  but, there is something that is lacking when you just have the baby in a onesie on a backdrop.  you completely lose any sense of scale.  you can see the changes in the baby’s physical […]

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fun with photos: a belly flip book

how fun is this?  both credit and thanks go to the creative, photo loving geniuses over at martha stewart.  for a more cartooney feel, be sure take the photo facing the opposite way as shown in this picture, and crop it so your belly is just a smidge above the bottom border, so that some […]

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fun with photos: snapshot wrapping

i am not a fancy wrapper.  (nor rapper, for that matter.)  in my dream life i have an elaborate craft room with a beautifully stocked wrapping station complete with all sorts of coordinating ribbons, bows, papers, tissues and colorful confetti.  then i open my eyes,  and get blasted back into reality when i remember that […]

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