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best of 2011…

2011 was an excellent year.  lots of happy times and beautiful things to photograph;  families, engagements, weddings and newly born babies. a big accomlishment for me this year was putting together this site.  i wanted a clean, simple way to share my photos, and i feel like i accomplished that.  and while it is not […]

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holiday photo fun: photo based gifts

i’m a big fan of photo gifts.  who woulda thought? anyhow, i’ve been collecting ideas on pinterest, and i’ve condensed it down to my favorites to share with you, dear readers. so, here they are, in no particular order. jars AND pictures AND holiday decor?  could you put any more of my favorite things together? […]

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holiday photo fun: santa & reindeer themed photo booth

holiday photo booth?  with props?  does this idea even need any explanation?  i think not.   so instead, a letter:   dear future children, i’m sorry.  but this idea is too awesome not to renact once you get here.  if it is any consolation, please know your aunts were subjected to my photo and holiday […]

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a super saturday? christmas cards? what??

so, in case you haven’t figured it out, i’m a planner.  i love calendars and lists.  i love calendars and lists because they give me a great sense of organization and help me to feel as though i am most efficiently utilizing my time. image via here.   that said, both my to do list and […]

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land that i love.

happy independence day, america! image from HERE. (get this, its even a free printable!  things like this make my holiday loving heart soooo happy.)

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