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FAQ: whats included?

FAQ: what’s included in a family session? answer: i like doing things on the up and up and having everything out in the open. no surprises or stressful wondering.  no confusing “gotchas.”  no being afraid of getting charged more for something you thought was “included.”  just plain and simple.  because while some surprises can be […]

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FAQ: what are your travel rates? | california wedding photographer

  FAQ: what are your travel rates? answer: for both weddings & portrait sessions, all travel is included within 50 miles of danville, CA. outside of that radius, i’m still happy to travel, but i charge $1 per mile thereafter to help cover the sky-rocketing gas prices.  for weddings, if i need to fly, i […]

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FAQ: sooooo….how long does everything take? | bay area photographer

FAQ: i want to have some photos taken.  how long does everything take? answer: so…you’ve come to the realization that you want to have some photos taken….sweet!  but, then you realize….you.  have.  no.  idea.  what.  comes.  next.  and you find yourself asking, “uhmmmm.  now what?” well, let’s clear up some of that nasty old uncertainty, […]

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