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i get it.  you see these faces often on my site.  and i’m not sorry about it.  they are good looking faces and a testament to the fact that every mom should have pictures like this with her baby.  i know i would treasure them FOR-EV-ER.

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the groches.

  i love this family.  and i loved being able to capture this special time as a young family of three.  i also loved how sheila got out of the car and the first thing she said was, “HIS SHIRT!  i lost his shirt!”  we had chatted about what they would wear and she had […]

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saying goodbye.

we said goodbye to my dear grandmother earlier this year.  i suppose funerals could be looked at as kind of an “odd” occasion to take photos, because they are such soft, sensitive moments full of thoughtful tears and feelings.  that said, i have never regretted bringing my camera as we’ve bid earthly goodbyes to dear […]

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a photo gift

shari contacted me after photographing her family and said she had a friend she wanted to purchase family pictures for…and I was thrilled!  we all know how i love family pictures.  it’s just that i think they are SO, SO, SO important.  like irreplaceably important.  i couldn’t think of a sweeter gift, and they were […]

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welcoming baby hank

i LOVE photographing families at home.  especially after the addition of a new baby.  there is something so tender and precious about those first days and weeks as a growing family.  baby hank was as sweet as could be and lyla was both adorable and bursting with personality, as usual…that tillman family:  could they be […]

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