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decorating with photos: black & white canvases | bay area photographer

take note:  in all but 1 image the subjects aren’t even looking at the camera.  i believe candid images say a lot more about a person, family or couple than a posed one ever could.   don’t you agree? image via HERE.

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decorating with photos: a kitchen photo collage | bay area wedding photographer

sweet, sweet photo collage goodness.  if you missed last week’s real life photo collage inspiration post, go back and check it out HERE .  are you hooked?  me too.  so hooked.  and i have been for a loooooooong time. i think i’ve mentioned it before, but what i love about the designs over at what marvelous […]

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decorating with photos: photo collages.

oh, pottery barn.  how i love thee. image via pinterest. photo collages are SO up my alley, or so i thought.  not having to narrow it down to just 1 or 2 or 3 photos for my wall?  yes please.  but then, you take someone  like me who has a hard time picking “favorites” of […]

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decorating with photos: above the fireplace | bay area wedding photographer

there is just something calming about a room arranged around a mantle & fireplace.  we are still in remodel/revamp mode at my house, and during the process my husband took our mantle down.   so, we have a naked fireplace.  and let me tell you…its VERY noticeable, as the mantle acts to help balance and […]

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decorating with photos: a shelf nook. | bay area family photographer

***edit to add:  the link to tami’s shop wasn’t working earlier, and wordpress is being finicky.  so, just manually type in: and check out coolness.  *** so.  you just got some gorgeous photos taken, and you love them.  but, now what?  what do you do with them?  where do you put them?  any photographer will tell […]

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