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holiday photo fun: photo based gifts

i’m a big fan of photo gifts.  who woulda thought? anyhow, i’ve been collecting ideas on pinterest, and i’ve condensed it down to my favorites to share with you, dear readers. so, here they are, in no particular order. jars AND pictures AND holiday decor?  could you put any more of my favorite things together? […]

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decorating with photos: one beautiful image, many frames

i love this.  i love how simple it is:  one image, enlarged, but then cut into segments and framed separately. image via here. this idea is great for a few reasons: #1. you only have to pick one image #2. a few smaller frames are generally less expensive than one large one #3 your favorite image […]

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decorating with photos: black & white gallery wall

no only is this my second recent feature of decorating with black and white photos, but also one of a pottery barn gallery arrangement.  what can i say?  they do it so, so well. image via here. one thing to notice about this arrangement:  while the photos are in a number of different sizes and […]

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decorating with photos: overgrown photo booth strips

doesn’t everyone get a little nostalgic when they see those little photo strips from a photo booth?  i sure do.  i think its just so rad how fun and natural those photos always turn out.  i mean, you don’t go into a photo booth thinking, “oh man, i’m totally going to blow these up larger […]

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decorating with photos: sitting area | bay area photographer

i love photos on the wall.  i love them.  i can’t tell you how mad at myself i get when i spend a considerable amount of time in any space, and i don’t take time to properly fit the walls with photo or graphic awesomeness.  but, let be real.  sometimes a 25 photo gallery wall […]

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