cassandra & shawn

oh. my. goodness.  as you can tell, the posts on this blog had come to a screeching halt there for awhile.  computer issues can really mess up some photo posting mojo, let me tell you.  i’ve been beside myself with excitement to edit & share these images, and it’s been torture not to be able to do so until now.

the secret is out of the bag:  cass & shawn are some of my favorite people, ever.  ok, maybe it wasn’t a secret, but let it here be stated:  i adore them, both.  so, this wedding would have kinda been a big deal for me even if i wasn’t photographing it.  but i was, and so it was exponentially bigger.  (if that’s even possible, i’m not sure.  but if it is, it was.)  let it also here be stated that the photos below would not have been possible if:  a) cass & shawn hadn’t picked such a lovely date/venue/bridal party to share in their celebration on their big day or b) if the excellent, fantastic and wonderful meghan had not agreed to accompany me and capture more than her fair share of amazing images from this special day.  a big shout out to both parties. =)

so, without any further ado, here are some photos from that lovely september day…


the beautiful bride…

oh shawnie, you’re adorable.

i’m sorry, but brina clutching those baby dolls so nonchalantly makes me smile every time i see these photos.  its like, “hey ladies, c’mon.  it’s time for the wedding.”

um, hello baby blue eyes.  nice to meet you.  (great capture, meg)

cass allowed me to help her plan the timeline of her wedding day, which i was SO STOKED about.  when i mentioned to her the idea of a first look, i don’t think she was sold on it at first.  when i told her it was a great way to allow some quiet time for just her & shawnie to see each other for the first time, it also allowed me to capture those special moments in the best setting & lighting possible.  this was the result:

in love much?  i think so.

planning time into your big day just to love the moment you’re in?  so, so important.

ok…what a GOOD LOOKIN’ bridal party.  holy smokes!!

love, love, love.

pretty girls.  pretty dresses.  pretty flowers.  check, check, check.

well hello there, you handsome devils.

and now, onto the ceremony…(great views, meg.  i told you she was good.)

hooray for the marrieds!  i love cathy’s expression.

please meet kayla.  the cutest associate photographer i’ve ever seen.

heartwarming toasts from the bride & groom’s nearest & dearest…

please meet the skills of the cake-and-all-other-food-wizard, andrea pimentel. (yes that is her official title.)

a special dance for nana & tony…(please tell me they are not the cutest.)

i’m such a fan of photo booths.  (as if you didn’t already know this.)  anyhow, something we did to make sure we maximized the booth experience was the cass and i sat down before hand and came up with a check-off list of everyone we wanted to make sure took a turn in the photo booth line.  (which was every single guest/family at their event)  it is much easier to entice people to jump into photo booth fabulousness when you have a check off list.  that way, you can start conversations the following way:   “it is the bride’s (or groom’s) request that you jump over to the photo booth line….STAT.”   here are just a handful from that night.  

the first dance was lovely in every way…

especially when sophia ran out to join the celebration.  the song ended with the three of them on the dance floor together and it was sweeter than pie.

LOVE the expressions…

VICTORIOUS!  oh, michael.  and lauren’s face when he caught it?  perfection.

everyone danced and played and laughed the night away with their favorite newlyweds…

love that love.  yep, sure do.

thanks for letting me be a part of your day by saving these moments for you.  i adore you both.




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