becca & timmy | wedding at the ranch at little hills


when i first met with becca & timmy, and as i got to know them a little better and listened to their plans for their wedding, i hoped, so much, that they would choose me to document their day.  they are such a warm, genuine couple and the plans for their day sounded beautiful, and their handmade, meticulously chosen details were just my style.  i was thrilled to be present to capture all of the happy, heartfelt moments on their special day.

it is such a fun, giddy time when the bride first steps into her dress.  can’t you just see the excitement on her face?

and then there is tim.  equally as  excited, and looking as handsome as ever.  great capture by my second shooter meghan.  she is amazing, and i was so lucky to have her shoot this wedding with me.

opening a wedding gift from her groom.  sigh.  sometimes as a photographer, i am torn.  torn because i feel like i am witnessing something so personal that i almost feel like i should take a step back and just let the moment be, and not disturb it with the clicking of the camera shutter.  that is how i felt as i watched becca read her card from tim.  and then i remember, that because i photographed it, now timmy will be able to see her sweet expression as she read his words, and they will both be able to look back and remember  this moment.

becca, you were a striking bride.

as we planned a timeline for their day, we all agreed upon doing a first look.  as a photographer I LOVE FIRST LOOKS.  AND I’M NOT EVEN SORRY ABOUT BREAKING WITH TRADITION.  the reason being, i love when a bride and groom see each other for the first time in a quiet and private setting.  and giving them a moment to let it sink it.  and of course, i love photographing those sweet moments.

plus, then it allows for a more relaxed time doing bridal portraits.

looooooooooove this sequence.

ok, so bonus number two of consulting your photographer while planning your timeline and doing a first look:  you have more time to do photos with your bridal party, without the stress of hide from and dodge your groom.

additionally……LOOK AT THESE BRIDESMAIDS!!!!!!!  so much cuteness it kind of kills me.

and of course the men.  the handsome, full of personality, groomsmen.

and then, time for the ceremony.

and this photo, right here, demonstrates how excellent it is to have a second shooter at your wedding.

hooray for husband and wife!

the beautiful reception space…

as soon as they were introduced for the first time as husband and wife, becca and tim went right into their first dance.  it was perfect.

some of the lovely details.  and s’mores???  yes, please.

love the feeling of this image.   great capture from meghan.

some sweet moments during the dances & toasts.

happy, fun, energetic groomsmen.  love it.

and of course, the cake cutting.

have i mentioned that i loved photographing this wedding?  well i did.  as you can see, it was absolutely full of happiness and beauty.  becca & timmy, thank you so much for having me capture your special day!





















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