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well hello there.  did you realize there are only 25 days left of 2011?  that is both exciting and CRAZY to me.  where did the time go?  anyhow,  i’ve got some exciting things in store for 2012, but before i jump the gun, i wanted to give you a little heads up:   my pricing structure will be changing,  a bit.  so, if you wanted to do photos this year,  but we couldn’t get our schedules to line up, here is your LAST chance to capitalize on the 2011 pricing.  book your session by december 31st for any shoot between now and february 29th, and i’ll honor my 2011 pricing.

 image via here.

what could these sessions be used for? 

maybe you didn’t get photos in time for christmas cards, and you’re opting for photo based valentines or st. patty’s cards instead. 


maybe you’re expecting and you KNOW you want some photos of your cute pregnant self or of the arrival of your newset family member. 


maybe you’ve got some friends that want to set up a super saturday.  perfect.   maybe santa DOES in fact bring you a shiny new ring, and you want to get engagement photos handled before the spring wedding madness/awesomeness ensues. 


 or, maybe we just did your photos, but you know your best friend’s auntie’s sister’s cousin LOVED your photos and wants some of her own.   


whatever the case may be,  shoot me a quick email at jackie (at) and we’ll set things up.  not to freak you out or anything,  but taking into account 3 out of state graduations, 3 very important babies being born, 1 spring break and a few long weekends that will hopfully include some mini roadtrips along the way, i’ve got my schedule pretty well outlined through the middle of june,  it must be the teacher in me, counting down to summer, or something like that. 

apparently, i’m not scared of  little planning ahead.  are you?

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