a super saturday? christmas cards? what??

so, in case you haven’t figured it out, i’m a planner.  i love calendars and lists.  i love calendars and lists because they give me a great sense of organization and help me to feel as though i am most efficiently utilizing my time.

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that said, both my to do list and my calendar are filling up.  (you heard me. i have two free saturdays between now and thanksgiving.) as i’ve mentioned before, august through june i’m a full time high school teacher, which makes the planning and list making things so explainable.  with the first day of school less than 3 weeks away,  i can feel my unnatural love of spiral notebooks and sharpened pencils growing right along with my to do list.  holiday things have started showing up in department stores, which kind of blows my mind and makes me SUPER excited for all things fall, all at the same time.  one of my favorite things about fall are family photos, just in the nick time for christmas card chaos joy.

so, my dear blog readers, i’ve come up with way to revel in ALL things fall, chaotic and otherwise.  and, it’s called “a super saturday.”

you may have seen me mention it on my facebook page , but in between weddings, notable birthdays, 1st quarter grades, concerts and my high school reunion, i’ll be hosting a super saturday.

when: saturday 10/22/2011 (at 330, 4, 430, 5, 530 or 6pm)

where: single location in the danville area (actual location TBA)

who: families, couples or seniors

why: because photos are awesome at any time, but ESPECIALLY when you get a rockin’ deal.

what: 1/2 hour photo session, web gallery, digital negatives with print release

cost: $150 (OR $125….how?  you can get a $25 discount if you refer a friend and get them to book as well.)


…and like that, badabing, badaboom, your christmas cards could be ready to be mailed BEFORE thanksgiving!


***if you’re interested, please email me to let me know the time slot you prefer, because scheduling will be done on a first come, first serve basis.





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